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" The most influential people in my life  have to be my grandmother, Virginia Evans or  MaGan, as we called her and my mom, Jean Clary Bagley.

I use to be so excited to see what kind of project MaGan had lined up for us.  We use to play in her back room while she did her sewing. My brother, sister and I would run to the back room and sit at our own card tables. Each table loaded with buttons, crayons, colored pencils, glue, bits of paper & paints. It was like magic!

I began painting at a young age. My mom signed me up for my first Oil Painting lesson when I was eight with the local Community College.  I painted my first still life and I was hooked. Mom has always been my biggest fan. 


Owner   Artist   Instructor


ART for Children:  Achieving high test scores can sometimes be the main focus of some schools and school systems.  Through early childhood Art, children can increase observation skills, learn art techniques, increase their problem solving skills, improve their self-esteem, begin to understand the relationship of Art to culture and history, and learn to appreciate and enjoy images and all forms of Art. 

ART for Adults:  Life and it's challenges can be stressful and everyone forgets to take time for his or her selves. The process of Art has the ability to relax the soul. Whether you are a beginner or feel you have no Artistic skills what – so –ever, everyone is successful.


Owner and Instructor, Tamara Clary Clark can assist you in finding your Artistic Voice!




Tamara Clary Clark


1914 - 2014

Tamara said, "This is one of my favorite pictures of my Grandmother.  

Doesn't she look SASSY!

 I took this photo in 1986 in Maine. I had just graduated from Art School, VCU, and my family sent me out to "check on her". I was 21 & couldn't keep up with her. 

At the age of 76, MaGan packed up her tent and went camping alone across the United States visiting 48 states. (All but Hawaii & Alaska)  She met so many interesting people along the way and even wrote a book about her experience.

MaGan was a retired second grade school teacher, she collected dolls, made dolls and donated over 500 dolls to the Doll Museum in South Hill, VA. She was know from coast to coast as

the "Doll Lady".

She started each day stretching, and a scheduled project to do &  always helping others. She died 2 years ago at the age of 100. I love you MaGan. 

You inspire me everyday!"

Tamara stated, "I enjoy taking the knowledge I have gained over the years and break it down when teaching my students. I believe every one can learn to be an Artist. It is the joy of my life and I hope to ignite the love of Art in my students."

Tamara's Education:

The Instructor and Owner, Tamara Clary Clark has been in business for over three decades. She is a licensed Art Educator receiving her Teaching Certification from Meredith College, Raleigh, NC. Tamara also received a BFA in Illustration from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va. She has continued her education by attending numerous Decorative Finishing Classes, Wood Graining Classes and Cabinet Refinishing Certificates in the US learning several techniques.

Tamara taught Art Education K-12 in Wake County, Mecklenburg County & Charlottesville, VA. She also taught several courses for adults at Wake Technical Community College and in her former Art Studios.

Tamara's Experience in Her Words...

" I have walked down several paths along my journey in Art. I have been a teacher, graphic designer for the News & Observer, Dressed Mannequins and Decorated Window Displays for Hudson Belk.  I have been Commissioned by numerous clients to Painting Portraits of Animals, Houses & People using pen & ink, oils and acrylics. 

Since 1997 I owned my own business as a Decorative Finisher, Muralist & Designer. Residential & Commercial clients hired me to paint designs on ceilings, floors, furniture and walls. The products I used ranged from glazes to plasters to foils. My work has been seen on TV & in magazines: American Biker, Extreme Makeover, Wake Living, The News & Observer & Spectator Magazine to name a few. I am also the resident Artist for the Cheesecake Factory in Charlotte, Durham and Raleigh.

In 1998 I fell into Commercial Interior Design and ended up Designing, Project Managing and Decorating over 52 Dental & Commercial Offices. For the past 10 years my business has focused on Cabinet & Furniture Refinishing & Kitchen & Bath Design.

The years have flown by and I have loved ever minute of my journey!"

 Augusta, Main


Virginia Smith  Evans "MaGan"

The "Doll Lady" Was Just a Little Bit SASSY!