Can I have a Kid's Birthday Party at TC ARTWORKS? 
Yes you can! We would love to host your child's Birthday Party. You can reserve TC ARTWORK'S Studio for 2 1/2 hours. The Host/Hostess will choose what Art activity you would like to be taught during your child's party. You will arrive at lease 30 minutes before the party is scheduled to begin to set up your refreshments and Cake.

What is the price? 
The price would be $25 per child or anyone participating in the Art Activity.

The host/hostess will provide a credit card to book the party. The host/hostess will provide the credit card to pay for the number of guests that will attend the party. The minimum number of guests is 10 and the maximum is 16. Payment for the guests will be processed on the credit card when the Host/Hostess arrives to set up the party before the party begins. 

What will TC ARTWORKS PROVIDE for a Kid's Birthday Party?
TC ARTWORKS provides all materials for the Art Activity, instruction, tables to set up refreshments, music  & aprons to use during your party. Party games & prizes for the games played. 

What is the Host/Hostess Responsible for bringing? 

The host/hostess must provide their beverages, snacks, cake, plates, napkins, cups and utensils. You will have 1 1/2 hours of instruction time to make a special party project and 1 hour for opening gifts and eating refreshments. 

When Do I Reserve My Private Party?
Please reserve your date at least 14 days in advance. We can provide private parties anytime during the day or evenings depending on our availability.

CALL US:     919-271-3638

How Do I Cancel A Private Party? 
You must cancel at least ten days before the reserved date or the credit card will be charged the minimum 10 person guest requirement fee.

What type of Art Activity will the children make?

The hostess and the birthday girl/boy will choose a theme from the list below or come with another theme. Tamara Clary Clark will send several photo ideas of art activities to the hostess to view and approve prior to the party. 



Kid's Art Classes

​​Day Art Camps
Week Art Camps
Saturday Classes
Week Night Classes


Possible Party Themes
Princess                                                   Pet Portraits
Rockets                                                    Animal Canvas
Ballet Dancers                                         Art Journal        

Themed Picture Frames                         Rooster Art Canvas  

Monsters                                                 Monster Trucks          
Bug Art                                                    Owl Art
Fairy Jars

Magic Boxes
Pet Jewelry
Pirate Hats
Decorated Ball Hats
Painted Bird Houses
Jewelry Making
Name Wall Plaques

adult classes

Adult Classes

Girl's Night Out

Drawing & Painting Classes

Cabinet Refinishing

Small Furniture Refinishing

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Private Parties

Birthday Parties

Corporate Team Building

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