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My Procedure...
Cabinetry is like furniture and they need to be refinished properly for them to turn out well and hold up over time. Over the years TC Artworks has had the patience and experience to perfect the method of refinishing cabinets. We have found the right products and the correct method of application to insure our Cabinets do not chip, discolor or peel. The entire process takes about 5 to 7 days to complete.

We take pride in our work and our finishes. You will not be disappointed! We stand behind our craftsmanship and customer service.

The Results...
The newly painted Cabinets will reflect more light, and the entire Kitchen will visually appear much brighter and significantly larger! The final result is a very durable and truly beautiful finished set of Cabinets, transforming the Kitchen, Den and/or Bath into an even more attractive room, while adding permanent value to your home!

We take pride in our work and our finishes. You will not be disappointed!

TC ARTWORKS, INC.  stands behind our craftsmanship and customer service.

Tamara Clark has over three decades of experience as an Artist.

Why you should hire an ARTIST to paint your cabinets:

       Tamara is an Artist and she knows the right products to use. There is a right way and a wrong way to paint cabinets. Your cabinets are the most expensive item in your kitchen. Get the wrong paint job and your cabinets (and your home) will lose value. Use the wrong products and your cabinets will chip and peel. Use the wrong products and you will still be able to see the wood grain from the oak.

TC ARTWORKS uses a water based lacquer, pigmented colorants for glazing, and a specialized topcoat for superior surface protection. The kind that can’t be bought at your local hardware store.

We do it right so your kitchen will have an instant update that will add value to your home.  Putting your home on the market? An 80’s Oak Kitchen isn’t on anyone’s must-have list. But ……beautiful cream painted cabinets with a chocolate glaze is HIGH on that list.

Cabinet Glazing is a fine art. If you want your cabinets to have the look of a high-end kitchen you need to hire an artist. The right products and the right technique make all the difference. Tamara has access to the best products for the job and she has the right eye for the detailed application.

 Artists keep up to date on the latest techniques and colors. As decorative artists we invest time and money in our craft. We attend our national conventions where we take classes every year to stay up to date on the latest products and finishes. The hot trends in cabinets right now are gray and white.

 We are specialists. Many decorative artists specialize in cabinet painting. That means we are experts in how to achieve the best finish for the best price and achieve the highest resale value in our market. And because our expertise is in kitchens we can also make recommendations on additional tweaks and changes that can update and add value to your kitchen.

 Artists know the importance of prep.  Artists know that your completed finish is only as good as your prepared surface. Kitchen cabinets take a beating, they accumulate grease, and they can have peeling or delaminating surfaces. They must be properly repaired, cleaned, sanded AND PRIMED, to achieve a finish that will last for years to come. The doors MUST BE REMOVED before painting.

If anyone tells you they can skip any of these steps–R–U–N!